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Monday, March 15, 2010

Milking it.

Monday 3/15/10. Today I figured I would be milking it, skiing some not that great wet pow. Turns out that the snow on north facing slopes was still nice and cold, stable, and skiing great. Surprised at our luck finding such great snow conditions and a virtually untracked Mt. Tallac, my friend Jon and I set about the task of trying to put tracks down all of our favorite lines. Luckily we have different favorites, so we barely even crossed each others tracks. In the photo below, Jon drops into one of the steepest chutes in the Tahoe Basin, in perfect pow, and he proceeded to ski it better than I've ever seen it skied. After that we took our pick of the front face chutes before heading back to the top for another lap. We dropped in on a completely untracked Cross, 2 days after the storm, I was shocked that no one had skied it yesterday. From the summit of Tallac its an uninterrupted 3,000 foot run to the bottom, steep at the top and progressively mellower and rolling near the bottom. By the time we skied our second run the snow was already beginning to turn and what was great steep powder dropping in was variable but creamy pow from about halfway down. In the photo below Jon drops into the steeper skier's right entrance of the Cross, nothing but sweet cold snow with surprisingly little wind affect. Needless to say, there were still fantastic conditions to be had out there by those willing to find them. While todays high temps will have baked our snow out even more it seems like we might be into a corn cycle within just a few days, not to mention that this is perfect weather for working on your goggle tan...

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