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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


While I heard it was pretty good today at the resorts I have no regrets about cruising down to Mt. Tallac to ski some high, north facing pow. High elevation snow was still good cold powder before our 6 inch refresher last night, which was icing on the cake. In the photo above my buddies scope their line before dropping in, with some really fun terrain in the background...The terrain on Mt Tallac is second to no other mountain in the basin. Check out the rad lines in the background as we get ready to drop our next line. The short video below is from my best run of the day today. Its hard to see in the clip but the top three quarters of this line are exposed above a 150 foot cliff, blowing a turn or getting caught in your sluff are not an option...
Needless to say, there is some great skiing out there, and judging from the snow that has just started falling, I'd say its looking to get even better.

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