What is your return policy?
Satisfaction Guarantee
Price Match Guarantee
What if I get the wrong item, something is damaged when it gets to me, and/or it’s clearly got a “pre-use” manufacturer’s defect?
I’ve used my items and believe something is defective – what do I do?
How do I return something?
Why is it taking so long to get my warranty items back to me
Can I return Swimwear?  

  • What is your return policy?
    • Here at Porter Tahoe we have a hassle-free, 90 days after date of purchase return policy. All we ask? It would be super swell if when you return things you try to send them back in their original packaging with whatever hanging tags or warranty information or other materials they came with. In addition, while we’ll take your item back and give you what you paid for it, if you have no receipt or proof of purchase then we’ll have to give you the current selling price for the item as a store credit. If you’ve used your item and hate it, read below about our Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Our satifisfaction guarentee is valid for 90 days after the date of purchase. So relax. Take a deep breath. We want you to be happy and stoked with your purchase from us. Even if you’ve gone out and used something once or twice and it’s just not at all what you were thinking it was going to be, then let’s not have you disappointed and frustrated. Please call us toll free 866.YO.PORTERS! (866.967.6783), and let’s discuss what you didn’t like and what alternate item might fit your needs better that we can swap it out for. Just as a side note, while this should go without saying, we unfortunately have had people with pretty bad karma who have tried to abuse this extremely generous policy. This isn’t a revolving door, open-ended “rental” policy. Ultimately we reserve the right to not extend this courtesy to an abuser of the policy. One other thing that should be noted too is that operator error in breaking a product doesn’t qualify as “not being satisfied.”  By extension, a product that will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer under their warranty policy is a separate issue as well.  In short, the operator error and warranty issues are not what we’re talking about here.  We’re talking about some equipment or clothing or an accessory item that you go use or wear a few times and just aren’t happy with its performance.  Of course there will be some normal “wear and tear” that the item will have, and that’s OK.  A snowboard snapped in half or a jacket ripped at the seams after using it is something different…hopefully some common sense will guide you in understanding that difference.  When the dust all settles, though, besides the very rare case of someone deliberately trying to abuse the system and unfortunately getting “blacklisted” from using it, if there ever is ambiguity here or you feel that our customer service team put your return through as a warranty instead of a product satisfaction guarantee, please just email me directly.  As I say in “Why Shop Porters”, I’ll ultimately be a fair arbiter of anything in question and always put myself in your shoes when deciding what’s best to do.
  • Price Match Guarantee
    • We will price match another retailer in the United States if they have the exact same brand, model, color, and size listed cheaper than us....AND the exact item is in stock. The store or website must be authorized to sell the brand in question, and we cannot match auction / social networking websites like ebay, craigslist, etc. ****We do not price match online shops with sales or discounts that are not authorized by the manufacturer. Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding what sites these may be.**** To get the match, simply call us toll free 866.YO.PORTERS! (866.967.6783), email us at, or hop on our convenient “Live Chat” and give us a url link to where the item is cheaper and we’ll adjust the price. Even after purchasing something from us, if you find the exact same item within 10 days for less money somewhere else, we’ll gladly refund you the difference. Sorry Porters no longer can price match coupon codes, sorry for the inconvenience.
  • What if I get the wrong item, something is damaged when it gets to me, and/or it’s clearly got a “pre-use” manufacturer’s defect?
    • We’ll take it back, of course, and/or exchange it for something else if you want.  As for getting it back to us, either call us toll-free 866.YO.PORTERS (866.967.6783) or email us at and we’ll send out a “call tag” that will allow you to ship it back free of charge.  If you ship it back yourself then we’ll refund that expense along with the entire purchase after examining your items. 
  • I’ve used my items and believe something is defective – what do I do?
    • This is the most difficult situation to tackle, but we’ll work through it with you. Any equipment – snowboards, skis, boots, bindings, etc. – has some type of warranty provided by the brand manufacturer. The “final say” goes to that manufacturer however – not us – as to whether they consider it their fault or not. If your item has a defect on or in the product attributed to the manufacturer and not caused by you, your friends, your dog, that nasty kink in a hand rail, normal wear and tear, etc. – and it’s within that company’s warranty period – then you’re going to be fully taken care of. This does not mean, though, that you automatically get something new. Manufacturers are going to repair your actual used product whenever possible – that’s just the way it is and they make the rules. With all those caveats said, we’re going to ultimately stand behind anything with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you never have to worry regardless of your situation. We’ll always make sure that it’s right for you.
  • How do I return something?
    • You can always call us toll-free at 866.YO.PORTERS (866.967.6783) or email us at if you’re not sure of anything. Otherwise, there are two options that you have.

    • Please be aware that the box that a product is sold in (ie. ski boot box, snowboard binding box) are not appropriate for use as return shipping boxes. In other words, we ask that they be placed in a cardboard box or other standard shipping box, so as to avoid damage to the product box (in the case of damaged/missing boxes, an additional 10% restocking fee will be charged). Whenever possible, please return an item in the original shipping box it arrived in.
    • Option #1 – The easiest and most convenient method is to simply put the item back in the box or packaging that we sent it to you in and then slap the pre-printed, UPS return address label that was stapled to your receipt right over the original one. Every order comes with a pre-printed, UPS return address label stapled to your receipt. If you use this method, a flat $10 return shipping fee will be deducted from your return total. You can either drop the package off at any UPS pick up location or call 800-PICK-UPS (800.742.5877) and they will pick up the package from the exact address that they originally delivered it to.

    • Option #2 – You pay to ship it back to us, but get to choose your method of shipping. We’ll refund the purchase price back to your card once we receive it. Simply cut out one of the two choices below for which shipping method you’ll be using. Then write in your customer ID from the invoice that was included in your shipment (that’s found below your SOLD TO: information – it will be a five digit number with a 7- as the starting number…example 7-11843). Tape that to the outside of the box. Once we get the item(s) back in our possession, we will verify everything and then issue a credit back to your card along with a confirmation email.

      If you are going to use Option #2, please notice that the Post Office is a different address than FedEx or any other shipper



    • Ship the items to:
      Attention:  Returns
      12116 Chandelle Way, Suite C
      Truckee, CA  96161
    • We will issue a refund, exchange it, or give you a store credit if that’s what you’d like once we have the items.
  • Why is it taking so long to get my warranty items back to me?
    • So after you follow the return procedures (see What do I need to do to return any items?) and ship it to us we ship it to them and then we all wait for their judgment.  In Burton’s case, as a best-case example, they guarantee that once it’s in their hands they will inform us within 48 hours what they are going to do – replace the item, repair the item, give us / you a credit for something else, or possibly even deny the warranty claim.  Other companies are not so on it.  We’ve seen stuff sit for literally months with no word, no call back, no emails answered.  But even with Burton’s extremely efficient warranty department, the entire process of you sending something to us to you getting something back in your hands can take 6 – 8 WEEKS.  Huh you might ask?  Follow this.  You ship it to us on a Friday from the east coast.  It gets here the following Friday.  It doesn’t go out till the next Monday.  We’re shipping it back to Vermont.  It doesn’t get opened there till the following Monday.  They decide it’s a “fixable” problem on Wednesday.  They then take 10 days to fix it.  It’s now Friday of the next week – or 4 weeks after it left your hands – and they’re just now sending it back to us.  It shows up a week later.  We send it out the following Monday.  It then may or may not get to you by that Friday – now 6 weeks later.  So please be forewarned that this entire defective warranty process takes A LOT OF TIME and unfortunately there is no way around it.

  • Can I return Swimwear?
    • Returned Swimwear must be in unworn, unsoiled and include the protective shield on the swimsuit bottom.