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Friday, February 19, 2010

Birthday Park Shredit

Earlier this week I turned 26 years young. Skiing on Monday and my Birthday felt like April. It was actually pretty nice to get out there and just shred some park with the sun out. I was riding with a new addition to the Porters Ski Team Peter Kukesh. Representing the 382 crew of NH Peter, Pat Melvin, Andrew Putnam (Alpine Freeride coach) all had some nice tricks up their sleeves. I did not do so bad either considering my old age. I want to thank there buddy Tyler for posting up and filming us on the jump line. That really added a lot to this edit having some alternate shots.

check it.

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Blogger Parker
Looks like Nicky B is chasing gold himself:

Blogger Parker
PS Good edit buddy
Anonymous Nicky B
That's right Squaw Valley Prom is coming up I gots to get me some Gold son.

I also need a date first
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

West Shore Jibbing

Some west shore urban action. Check out the awesome pictures and GoPro HD footy.

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Blogger Zak.Shelhamer
did you put wood down on the stairs so if you came off early it wouldn't hurt you?
Blogger Rals
That is a sick looking rail. What was that you used to get speed for it?
Blogger Nicky B son, aka Turka Lurk
No Wood, it was actually concrete feeling ask Drury how soft it was. We used a bungee, and it was a little sketch
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Nicky B Goes HD"

So I went to Boreal on Sunday to ride with a new addition to the Porters Ski Team Matt Nelson. I also ran into Snowboard Team members Chris Bosco and Alex Horgan. I was playing with the new GoPro HD, which is so sick as you will see. I also ran into "Mad Mike" aka Skier Dad aka Rad Dad. I have not fully introduced myself to him yet but I plan on doing a "Rad Dad" interview with him at some point this winter. I also here his son is a ripping skier as well perhaps we will see more of these local shredders in future Turk a Lurk edits.


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Blogger Bosco
Ha, Alex looks like a bobble head when he's got it on his head. The HD looks way better tho. Sweet edit.
Blogger matt
that turned out so good! ahah go pro is rad!
Blogger Nicky B son, aka Turka Lurk
Dam it says Horan's Shnozzle cam.

My Bad Horgan
Anonymous Anonymous
that boy good!!!
nice work nicky
Blogger Eric Asistin
what a utopian crew we have put together....skiers & snowboarders shredding as one...good stuff.
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