Chas Guldemond

Name- Chas Guldemond

Age- 21

Birthday- 4-22-87

Born in – Laconia, NH

Live in- Truckee, CA

Sponsors-  DC Shoes, Rockstar Energy Drink, Porters Tahoe, Electric, Northstar, Grenade, Kicker Audio


How long have you been snowboarding?
I have been shredding since I was 9… so that’s about 12 years.

What is your favorite part of life on the road?
I would say that I love being able to meet new people and experience how they live, making new friends and having a good time with the people who surround you is what its all about. Getting to travel the world isn’t too bad either.

What is the worst part of life on the road?
It is hard being away from my home, my girl and my dogs….. trips can seem really long when you can only talk to your family for a short time.

What snowboarders inspire you and why?
Chad Otterstrom, because he can kill everything really. Any snowboarder who is out there doing what they love because they love it and not because it’s the cool thing to do. Oh and I cant forget Damien Sanders.

You’ve been dubbed a contest kid, how does that make you feel?
It feels good, I’m young and able to compete and hold my own against the best in the world. I love to see where I stand and competitions are an easy way to see it.

What has been the most exciting/important moment of your career thus far?
This past season at the Honda session I won the rail jam on Friday night and landed my first 1440 on Saturday night in the slopestyle, the crowd was unreal and they really kept me going. I had an amazing time.

You’ve also had the opportunity to film with Standard films, what is that like?
It is so fun; I really click with those guys. Its cool to be able to go out with people who have so much experience, I try to just absorb their knowledge.

What do you like about living in Tahoe and what do you miss about living out East?
I love the weather, you can’t beat it. BBQ’s, riding my dirt bike, hiking, my house, my dogs…. It’s really just a beautiful place to live. I miss my family and the simple life, I used to work with my dad and I miss that.

What does it mean to you to ride for Porters Tahoe, and what do you feel you will bring to their team?
I’m super stoked to be on board, the crew at porters is all about having a good time and sharing their passion of Tahoe and snowboarding. I really feel like I fit in well with everyone and the whole Porters mission. I just want to share my love of snowboarding and inspire people to go out with their friends and get creative on their snowboard.

You are only 21, which means that you have quite a few years of shredding ahead of you…….. What are some of your major career plans/goals?
First off I want to stay healthy. I want to continue to podium in major slopestyle and rail competitions. In addition to that I really would like to improve my halfpipe skills and start to podium in major halfpipe events too. I want to continue to film and learn new tricks in the backcountry. I really just want to continue to have a good time and represent my sponsors in a positive light.