Brandon  Cocard

D.O.B.:  01/12/1988
Weight: 150lbs
Height: 5   ft. 9in.
Hometown: Truckee
Stance: Wide
Stance Angles: -15 and 15
Other sponsors: Union, Defcon, Capita
Favorite Trick: Nollie backtail sameways
Current Trick you’re working on: Switch Powder RidingThat shit’s hard
Favorite Pro Rider(s): Travis Parker, Tim Eddy,  David Benedek
Chicken, Beef, or Veggie? All of the above
Favorite music or CD? Right Now….A Galactic CD that my girlfriend bought me
Inspirational players in your life: My Family and all my friends
Any other special talents or hobbies you would like to tell everyone about? The art of seduction and music
Any thing else you would like to add? Hey, Hey ,Hey snowboard everyday………and do that other thing too…..

Recent Competition results:

Kingvale Backcountry Booter:
1st Brandon Cocard

Boreal Big Ole Booter:
3rd Brandon Cocard

Final G4 Rail Jam:
2nd Brandon Cocard